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  2009.09.14  22.01
what to do

ok i hate feeling this way! my husband has been talking to an ex girlfriend from florida and it's driving me crazy! everytime i think about it my stomach starts hurting and everything. she's married and stuff too but still. he asked if it was ok to talk to her and i said yes, not knowing that this feeling would come up. i don't want him not to talk to her, but later on i don't want him to be like hey guess what i'm leaving you for her or something like that. not that it would happen but man i hate being jealous or feeling like this. i'm sure if it's cause of what happened before or what but it sucks. i get all freaked out about it. he told me he would stop talking to her but i don't want to be that kind of wife either. help!!


  2007.08.26  23.15
who are you?

YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I WANNA KNOW YOU...I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine...You're on my list, so I want to know you better! BE HONEST Reply your answers to me then repost the empty questions into a new bulletin.

1.)Q. Can you cook?

2.)Q. What was your dream growing up?

3.)Q. What talent do you wish you had?

4.)Q. If I bought you a drink what would it be?

5.)Q. Favorite vegetable?

6.)Q. What was the last book you read?

7.)Q. What zodiac sign are you ?

8.)Q. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings?

9.)Q. Worst Habit?

10.)Q. If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride?

11.)Q. What is your favorite sport?

12.)Q. Negative or Optimistic attitude?

13. )Q. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me?

14.)Q. Worst thing to ever happen to you?

15.)Q. Tell me one weird fact about you

16.)Q. Do you have any pets?

17.)Q. What if i showed up at your house unexpectedly?

18.)Q. What was your first impression of me?

19.)Q. Do you think clowns are cute or scary?

20.)Q. If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be???

21.)Q. Would you be my crime partner or my conscience?

22.)Q. What color eyes do you have?

23.)Q. Ever been arrested?

24.)Q. Bottle or Draft?

25.)Q. If you won $10,000 dollars today, what would you do with it?

26.)Q. Would you date me?

27.)Q. What 's your favorite place to hang at?

28.)Q. Do you believe in ghosts?

29.)Q. Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

30.)Q. Do you swear a lot?

31.)Q. Biggest pet peeve?

32.)Q. In one word, how would you describe yourself?

33.)Q. Do you believe/appreciate romance?

34.)Q. If you could spend 12 hours with me and ask/do anything you like, what would it be?

35)Q. Do you believe in God?

36.)Q. Will you repost this so I can fill it out and do the same?


  2007.08.18  01.46

if you don't like what i write in my journal don't fucking read it! or say whatever it is you have to say to me!grrrrr

ok that's it that's all i'm ever going to say about this thing again. unless you fucking start it all over again. leave me alone and i'll leave you alone got it!


  2007.08.04  20.39

well life itself has be doing better. the whole mary thing actually has helped my relationship. i just wish that slut was still here. i swear everyday i hear someone new she hooked up with. i feel bad for chris, he could do so much better. but whatever she's a slut and i can only hope she gets what she deserves! i heard she sucks anyways, and the nasty pictures of her are so gross! she's just nasty! i don't understand what the big deal is with her, she's not pretty. she's got a big nasty nose, the only thing cute about her is her hair. steve said it was just all the talk she did, i guess when you say you'd do anything it kinda makes a wonder if it would really happen.

but anyways, things with steve and i are going pretty good. i know he's sorry and he proves it everyday. he shows me that he loves and only wants me. we talked a lot of things out too. our relationship is going to be way different, for the good. i know we still have a long road ahead us but right now it's looking up! i think the trip to washington really helped. it made him realize what he could lose. and it was a real wake up call for the both of us! i think things are going to work out. and right now i'm happy. in a few months things will get even better. i love my husband, i love my kids, and i love my life.

oh yea, guess who i met? the head guy off sunset tan. jeff. he and some friends were at losers, and my friend jen and i were sitting by ourselves and he came over and said, you caught my eye, mind if we sit here. and duh we let him. i got a picture with me too, i'll post it soon! but that was my exciting news.


  2007.07.19  23.35

well that bitch got what she deserved! i told her husband what slut she was, sad he almost didn't believe me. but i had proof. so i hope he finds someone better than her! i feel so bad for that guy! but she pushed me way to far, as if trying to hook with my husband wasn't enough right. she totally lied to him, and called me crazy saying she had no clue what i was talking about. when she was the one to tell me herself. i was called her she was like what are you talking about, you are crazy, i didn't tell you anything. and i'm the crazy one! i wanted to so bad to kick her ass. it would of been worth going to jail for! she hurt me, my family, and i lost friends over this shit. she's the crazy slut. i tried so hard to be nice, don't know why really, but i hate being a bitch. i gave her a chance to come out and tell her husband but all she did was lie, and then talk shit about me. so now i don't feel on bit sorry for her! MARY YOU ARE A WHORE, I HOPE YOU CATCH SOMETHING!


  2007.07.19  10.39
my best friend is the best!

i have to best BFF in the world!! she is awesome! i love her so much! we may not talk everyday, or write each other all the time, but when one of us needs something we are there for each other no matter what, her so more than me! i think she's a little crazy! :D

right now i'm having to hardest time not killing to stupid ass bitch who fucked with my husband and my marriage. i want to tell her husband what a slut she is! i want to kick her face in! she's a stupid ass whore, who needs to be shot!


  2007.05.16  19.46

i know this really bad secret about someone. and boy would i love to tell the world about it! but when is right to tell? this person is not only hurting themselves but a lot of other people. i so want to confront them. but i can't! what they are doing is wrong and i feel bad for the other person who doesn't know! that's who i want to tell the most! it's just not fair! and i heard this secret from someone i barely even know and have only hung out with them once, but i know it's true! it's not the first time this person has done it! i've been there before when it has happened! what to do, what to do! i just feel so bad for the other person, it's going to hurt them so bad if they find out, which hopefully the other person will just get some balls and tell them before someone else does!!! i hate this stupid secret!!! and why did this person come to me? maybe they wanted me to be the one to tell!


  2007.04.24  11.22
cross post

well the big thing is my husband still has a job!!! YAY! i'm very grateful for that!!! his hours changed and so did his days off but that fine by me. so we will see what happens.

brianna turned 4 on the 19th and tomorrow kayleigh is going to be 1! i can't believe how fast my babies have grown up!!! brianna is so smart and picks up stuff so fast! so loves to sing and dance! she makes up her own songs and dance moves. she's still a little fish. she's in swim lessons right now and loves it! she loves making wishes on stars! and every once in awhile she asks about her baby brother. no she doesn't have a baby brother but she really wants one! so maybe in a couple of years that might happen. she is a very loving and bright child, i see big things for her!!! kayleigh has been walking well for over than 3 weeks now. she gets into everything and follows me around like a lost dog. lol she's still bald. :D she says a few words. and loves attention no matter where is comes from! it's amazing how different your kids are but also the same in some ways! i'm very proud of my girls and love them very much!!!

we just got back from our first trip out to sedona! it's was awesome! it's sooooo pretty out there! we went and got beat up by the rocks at slide rock, eat rattlesnake, went hiking, got a reading, seen lions, tigers, and bears, snakes, zebra, brianna got kissed by a giraffe, it was just an amazing trip, can't wait to go back!!

now we are looking forward to our visit from steve's sister and family. brianna is so excited to hang out with her cousins! she wants to take them swimming, play the park (if it's not to hot), peter piper pizza, and watch the fireworks. then later next month she also gets the see her TJ, she very excited about that!!

but anyways things right now are wonderful and i hope for more wonderful adventures with my family and friends!


  2007.03.21  14.04

well we finally decided what we are going to do for the girls bday this year. since their bdays are so close we are just going to have one party. and we are having it a week early, one so my bff can come and cause we are finally going to go to sedona one brianna's actually bday. but i guess we will have the party at my in laws, since they have a pool, sand box,fun stuff for the kids to do and the room for a party. it's going to be on the 13th of june at like 11. i'm sure i'll send out invites, so i need addresses again, i keep losing my book. well anyways i have to run, i know i need to do a really update soon!


  2007.02.08  14.40



  2006.12.12  23.51
My Xmas Stocking

my xmas stockingCollapse )


  2006.12.09  18.14

today was a very good day! we got up early got ready and went the belle to see santa. it was fun. i don't know how great the pictures turned out but we will see. then after we came home, it was just so nice outside we went the park. i feel so refreshed for once. maybe it was the fresh air, or the walk i took around the park. at our park there is this trail you walk and every once in a while there are stations, and at this stations are like pull ups, monkey bars, leg things, its a cool little track. it has things for people just starting out and up. it thought that was awesome, so i stopped at a few of them and worked out my fat legs. brianna even tried do some to it was cute! i think i should go there a couple times a week if the weather is good and exercise and then let brianna play. brina i wish you were here to do it with me!! i even think i can get a few chores done around the house now. but first i'm going to cook dinner and then we will see. tomorrow i'm going to my parents to watch football and eat steak, i'm so excited! :D lol ok well i better go since kayleigh is asleep and if she wakes up and acts like she has the last few days i'll never get anything done. damn teething!!


  2006.11.20  23.04

sometimes i feel like the worst mother and wife! like maybe i should quit and find a new job! i love my life and my job but sometimes i just suck at it! i feel like i could be doing so much more with my kids and teaching them so much more, but lately my body is so tired! i don't understand it. i don't have much energy or spirit to do anything. we've been back from vacation a week now and i'm finally got the suitcases put up, but i have laundry all over the house, clean and dirty unfolded and a big mess. i hate feeling like this! i hate having no energy! i hate that my house is a mess! i hate that i feel like my kids would do better if they were with someone else! i hate feeling like my husband thinks i'm lazy and a pig! i hate this all! i'm so lucky to be given the chance to stay home and raise my kids, but sometimes i feel steve could of done much better than me! i don't why all the sudden i'm feeling this way either. i don't know if it cause i'm tired or the fact that brianna has been feeling sick and been very grumpy today. or i'm just finally losing it! kayleigh now throws these fits that babies shouldn't know how to do yet. and i think maybe she's just not a happy baby and i screwed up with her already. i just want my family to be happy. i think brianna has been acting up cause maybe i don't pay enough attention to her. and then i get angry at her and that's wrong. i wish she was the sweet little girl she was before kayleigh was here. i know it's my fault. and that makes it worse. i wish kayleigh would take a bottle so i can leave her with someone and just me and brianna go do something together. i swear i would never treat her different or leave her out and i do. oh i don't know what the hell im writing anymore, maybe i just needed to write my feelings down and realize how shity of a mom i am to make me become a better one. i think i'm going to go and play with brianna while kayleigh is a sleep.


  2006.11.07  19.33
my girls

guess what kayleigh got her first tooth today already!!! that's so exciting! would explain all the drool. lol lets see at her doctors she weighed 14lbs 11oz and is 24 in long! shes a big girl! lol i just love her! she starting to finally laugh out loud. she's been very vocal but i haven't been able to make her laugh out loud but every once in while i get a laugh! i just love it!! it's such a cute little laugh! she also started to eat solids! it's kinda of helped out with the breastfeeding, i dont' have to feed her as much boob! lol oh and she's rolled over a couple of times too. i just can't believe how fast she's growing up already! it's kinda of sad!

brianna also been doing great! shes' finally went back to dance class and loves it! i just think was having a bad day last time. but she's been watching go diego go and loves it! she always talks about saving animals and speaks spanish, which i have no clue what shes saying but its so cute!! she's been learning alot from that show. i just love my girls so much! i wish they would stop getting so big!

well we are leaving for vacation tonight and i'm soooo excited to see everyone!! its going to be a long trip but it will be worth it!! anyways i gotta go feed the monster.


  2006.09.22  17.22
cross post sorry

finally i think i might have time to write some. well i finally got the internet back! yay!! it seemed like forever without it. lol! but a lot has happened. first my sister moved to phx. that itself has been very tough! i'm actually pretty lonely without her! but jasmine has been great and hangs out with me. but i just feel a piece of me is missing. and i think i've taken it out on everyone else. i just realized how much i push people away once something big changes in my life. i really miss amber, we've been very close before she left and it's hard now that she's so far away. i feel i'm missing out in so much of jazalyn's growing and same with her missing my girls grow. but i know she's better there and making a great new start for her family and i know things will work out great for her! i'm very proud of her!! amber i love you so much, i hope you are very happy and get everything in life you deserve!! and jasmine thanks for still hanging out with me so i'm not so lonely! i love you very much!!

but anyways, brianna started dance and just loves it!! she has so a great time! she listens really good to the teacher and loves hanging out with all the other girls! she just so cute to watch!! i wish i could tape it but you can't really see very good through the windows they have there. but it's too cute!! i love her so much!

kayleigh is getting better, she's less grumpy and has started to coo and laugh! it's very cute!! she just lights my life up everytime she smiles at me! she still hasn't taken a bottle but i'm not giving up yet.

we got dish network and i can't believe how much i missed tv! lol

my bff is having a boy! i'm so excited! i already bought him something! nothing big but it's very cute!! i can't wait to met him!! i'm so happy for them! i can't wait to see them when they come down in Nov.!!! YAY!! totally excited for that!

one of my bf friends from high school found me, i can't wait to catch up on all the stuff we've missed in each lifes. lately a lot of friends have found and i just love to see how life has been for them. things have just worked out so different then what i thought i would. but i love my life and am very happy at where i am today!

we bought 4 elmos last night! we gave one to brianna and kayleigh! one is for jazalyn for xmas. and the other two i think we might sell them on ebay or some else in the family is getting the coolest gift ever! lol it's so cute!!

but anyways i'm pretty sure i missed a whole lot of stuff i want to post so if it's important then i will post later. i still have some new pictures to post once steve puts them on the computer for me. but i have to go i have like 12 loads of laundry to finsh!


  2006.08.29  14.36

i need some help. kayleigh refuses to take a bottle! i can't get her to take one no matter what, even if it's my milk or formula! i need her to be able to take a bottle. it would be nice so if we go out to dinner or at the store i can just give her a bottle, but nope not happening. so if anyone has advice i would love to hear it!! thanks so much!!


  2006.08.24  16.53
dance dance dance

i'm so excited! i finally went and checked out dance classes for Brianna!! i've never done dance or anything like that. but it looks like it will be fun for her! she has classes once a week until may!! she gets to learn ballet, tap, and they do tumbling too! this is the first thing i put her in so i'm very excited and nerves at the same! it will be good for her to be around other kids, and having to listen to an adult other than family members, so it should be interesting! she seems very excited too! she loves dancing around and singing so this should be perfect. even tho i rather her been in soccer or tball, she's not old enough yet, so this will do and what i watched when i was in there, the teacher seems very good with the girls. i know her too, well i don't but jasmine and amber do. it's jackies mom, i think anyways. but anyways her first class in on sept 12th and at least that gives me a little time to get all her stuff. she has to have two different shoes, two outfits, pantyhose, and some other stuff, if it weren't for my friend jen i would have no clue what the hell i would have to buy. like i said i've never done anything to do with the girly stuff like dance before. but i can't wait to watch her!! and ill have to post pictures of her in her cute outfits she gets to wear!!


  2006.08.22  17.03

my sister amber has a livejournal account! if you want add her!! ambermaish


  2006.08.21  22.45

today rocked! my house is clean!! my mom and sister helped, they so rock!!!! i would of never gotten it done if they didn't help!! thanks love you guys so much! and jasmine took brianna swimming, that was awesome of her!! but all that's left is my bedroom and laundry!! i just feel so much better and happier when i have a clean house! less stressful! now all i have to do is keep it clean! finally i get my carpets cleaned! and we get dishnetwork hooked up soon too! i'm so excited!! sad that i'm excited over this kinda of stuff but hey this is my life now! lol

anyways i think kayleigh is colic. or she thinks she has to be attached to me every second of the day! it's every stressful! it's sad and i feel bad cause i just want to run away! it makes me cry when i feel like i can't do anything and she cries. it just gets me down. and i feel like a bad mom. i barely have to time for brianna, and i hate that!! i sometimes forget to eat or don't have time. and i feel like i just have time to feed brianna and that's it, that what she gets for attention from me! so when her daddy gets home she's all happy and excited to see him cause there's someone who can play with her and have all the time for just her! it breaks my heart! well anyways i better go, well kayleigh is sleeping and play with brianna.

thanks again to my sisters and mom! i love you guys!


  2006.08.11  21.24

finally i have a second to post!

today is steve and I 3rd year marriage anniversary! YAY! for us!! I couldn't image my life without him! i just love him so much! he's the greatest man ever!! he sent me a dozen beautiful red roses and three white! it was a surprise for sure!! what a wonderful guy!! everytime i look at them i just smile and think of him! i wish i could of got him something!! :( i'm sure i'll think of something! i just love that guy so much!! i'm one lucky lady to have scored him!!

anyways i talked amber into leaving jazalyn here while they went to phx and did house shopping and stuff for school! i just want to make sure i get to spend time with her and make some good memories and get lots of pictures! so far all the girls have been great!! brianna has played with her non stop and being very nice!! i gave them bathes and fed them dinner! man what a chore! i can't believe some people are able to have one kid right after the other! i would go crazy!! but i also still have one more day of all this so we will see how everything goes! i can't believe i had time to even get online! i really need to go pick up the house! i thought it was bad earlier! hahaha you should see it now! and i almost forgot to do daddy work clothes!! that would of sucked! but i remembered and started them, i just i remember to put them in dryer! lol oh gotta go!! that didn't last long!


  2006.08.05  18.19

kayleighs doctors appointment went good. she was supposed to go at one month but the dumb insurence hadn't added her until a week later. but she weighed 10lbs 5oz and ws 20 1/2 in long. she still has a little bit of jaundice but other than that she's doing great!!! she had to get a shot, which i hate. so in one month i have to take her again. it's just amazing how fast she's growing already! it's really kinda of sad!! :(


  2006.08.04  22.29

ok here's how my vacation went.

On wednesday which was my bday along with my mother in laws. we went out to lunch at chilis. steve's sister fly all the way from michigan to surprise judy. we kept it a secret, i can't believe it. but anyways we were sitting down getting ready to order, when sabrina(steve's sister) called judy to wish her a happy bday. and they were talking and sabrina asked her if steve gave judy her present and steve was like crap i forget it! so she says well then i'll just have to give it to you myself. and then she came around the corner, once judy saw her she was crying. so then i start crying. her face full of shock was just priceless! but we had a great lunch and then just out to judys house and hung out with sabrina.
on thursday we went to lunch at in n out. yummy. walked around the mall. i bought a couple of shirts. waited for my sister to get back from california to watch the girls so we could go out. got a room at the riverside so she could watch them there. which worked out perfect. me and steve both got to drink and hang out. it was nice. went to losers, hung out with great friends! got heartburn like no other, which almost ruined my night. but eat a lot of tums and it went away! danced crazy! there was not one ounce of drama!! i'm sure i made an ass out of myself but it didn't really care, it was my first night out since i got pregnant! i had such much fun! i can't wait to hung out with everyone who was there!! it was just perfect, i wish a few of my other friends were there but they live far away! :(
friday we went to the seafood buffet! the was awesome! it rained like crazy here!! flooded the roads everywhere! droped the girls off at my parents so we could go gamble at the avi with sabrina and judy! we didn't do good at all but sabrina did!
sat. we went to vegas to take sabrina to the airport. first we went to the mall. then we ate at outback! that was so good!! the best prime rib ever!!
sunday we hung out at home most of the day then went to visit my sisters for a little bit.
monday had lunch at china panda. took kayleigh to my mom, so steve, brianna and i could play at the river! which was fun! got rocks for the fish tank and now it's looks way prettier!
tuesday had lunch with jasmine and jeff at YOYOs tacos! yuck!! we've been trying to eat at places we've never been. then we hung out at peter and jens. ended up staying the night so the boys could go fishing in the early morning.
wednesday boys get up and went fishing but come back early cause the boat broke. hung out with jen and watched a movie. the girls were driving me crazy! brianna got up early that morning so she was really grumpy. went home. got ready, took the girls to amber. so me and steve could go out to eat at grannys! that was awesome!!
thursday, last day of vacation. went to see the movie ant bully, jasmine came with us. very cute movie and brianna loved it. kayleigh slept through the whole thing. then hung out at my parents house and then came home.
today daddy went back to work! :( i miss him already!! kayleigh has been attached to my boob all day! lol did a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and i even got brianna to go to bed early and she's asleep alone!! YES!!! i said after vacation i was going to get her to go to bed earlier and by herself! so yay! we will see how long that lasts! but now i've been trying to get my house clean so i can get my carpets cleaned, get cable and have friends over to come hang out by the pool! wish me luck!! gotta go kayleighs hungry again.


  2006.07.23  20.59
just great!

well my family is on vacation so my job is to come over everyday to check on the dogs. well as you guys know i live in the freakin hot ass desert where today it was 121. anyways my sister has a husky, he's her baby and wonderful dog. besides the fact that those kinds of dogs like to jump fences and dig holes to get out of the yard. so they have been tying him up. well this week i guess his been jumping the fence and almost hanging himself, so before they left on vacation they tied him further back, but enough to where he could get in the shade and to the water. well i come over to check on the dogs and i find him dead. he had wrapped his chain all around a pole and couldn't get to water! i called my mom crying and freaking out! i've never found a dead dog or animal before. i told her it was my fault and that i should of came over earlier, but she told that it wasn't. that is was to hot and it wouldn't of taken long for him to go. she told me not to tell my sister. they are going to tell her when they are on their way home. she would just be heartbroken and not enjoy her much needed vacation. that dog was a her graduation present from matt. it was a 700 dollar dog! i just feel so shity! i know i should came over more or stayed and let them in the house for a little bit! she's going to be so hurt!! she's going to hate me or be mad at me for a long time! she was heartbroken when her other dog got out and ran away. this really sucks!! i feel so bad. i loved that dog too. i just wish this didn't happen when at all but i really wish didn't happen when i was supposed to be taking care of them.


  2006.07.21  19.30

guess what i can fit into my jeans! i know, lame! but for me it's very exciting. i fit into them last week. they are a little tight, but i don't care, i can still wear them!! and so far i've lost 28 pounds!! i have a lot more to go but it's only been almost a month since i had a baby. i've been trying to watch what i eat but i just love food way to much! and i think next week or after vacation i'm going to start working out. my grandma got me dance workout tapes, so i'm going to try those. my sisters are supposed to do it with me! and plus i might sign up for the gym or maybe yoga. and i'm going to sign brianna up for dance! i think she'll so love it and plus she'll be around other kids which she really, really needs! next week is my bday! yay for me. i'm going to be a whole 23! lol we are going to go out on thursday and party! i can't wait for that! we are getting a room at the riverside that way my sister can watch the girls there and if anything, all i have to do is go upstairs to feed or check on the girls. my sister so rocks for doing that! i did go out the other night with my friend Jen! we had so much fun! it was just us and we talked and hung out, and won some money too!! i was late going home so i feel bad for that, but it was just so nice to sit and talk without having kids around fighting or crying. i really like jen, she's awesome and we have a lot in common! we always have a great time hanging out.
but anyway things here are good! i'm very happy! my babies are doing great! kayleigh is awake more and sweeter than ever. brianna still loves helping me out and stuff! Brianna has been good still, i've been waiting for her to have a major breakdown for attention, but she hasn't! i just love my girls so much!! the only bad thing thats been going on is my house! i just can't keep it clean! it drives me crazy!! today i have done a few loads of laundry but i haven't folded it! yuck! i wish i was a major neat freak so i would have to clean it or i would go insane. but i'm not, i'm just to tired and never have to energy to do it! suck!! but i really need my house done by tuesday! we are having a special guest come, she's not staying here but i'm sure she'll come here anyways. plus i'm supposed to be getting my carpets cleaned for my bday! yay for me huh! lol but that's what i really want and need!! but anyways now i'm just going on about lame stuff so i'm going to now.


  2006.07.14  16.26
cross post, sorry!

we had such a good weekend. it was nice to get out of the house and hang out. first we had lunch with chris, mary and jasmine at china panda. china panda is must every week. my hubby is addicted. lol then we took brianna to scooters and let her play games since it was so effin hot outside to do much of anything else, there's really not much else you can do around here and i can't get in the pool or lake yet. then we went and hung at our friend's house and drank. my first time having a drink. it was nice. i got to hang out with everyone else and not feel left out! i missed hanging out with everyone! it was really fun. then yesterday we went to peter piper pizza for brianna's friends bday. we played there for like 4 hours! it was fun. then we went to my mother in laws for a few hours so she could see the girls. she even bought a bassinet for the baby to keep over there, very cute. then we went to have dinner with content, zack, mikie, and chris. it was yummy! brianna and zack made out the whole time! lol i guess brianna likes younger boys! lol it was cute. i really need to go back to mommies and me, or put her in dance or something so she's around other kids more! next week i'm going to look into the whole dance thing. when she's older we are going to put her in soccer. i've never played soccer but it's a big thing out here so i figured she'd have fun with that since she likes to play it now anyways. but yea that was our weekend. it was a busy one! but fun. i'm pretty sure i'll go over to my parents house on sunday or monday to see them. since no one comes over here and i swore i wasn't going to do that but it's cool, everyone lives in that one house so it's not bad. i don't understand why no one likes coming over here. i guess i'm to big of a pig to have company. speaking of that i guess i should go do some house work while i can. oh take that back the baby is hungry, again!


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